A trans fitness initiative seeking to make exercise accessible the trans/nonbinary community. 

The TG/ENBY Project was launched in 2018 by Elliot Musgrave at Everybody Gym in Los Angeles and handed off to our new director Sydney Rogers in early 2020. The TGI led wellness initiative seeks to create and build a more holistic, trauma informed community around fitness. We create collaborative programming utilizing art, education, physical fitness, health and wellness to facilitate “transjoy” and healing. The TG/ENBY Project is for trans, gender non conforming, non binary, two spirit, BIPOC, intersex and questioning folx. 

We envision a world where it is safe for trans kids and elders to be themselves in every aspect possible. There are no limitations to what we can do and achieve. We believe in a world where we are accepted by the mainstream culture for all our gifts and contributions we are making already. 





Your generous contributions keep the TG/ENBY Project running. Thank you!