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Experience Monday Fitness Livestream on Zoom!

Guess what y'all?  

Starting on Monday, July 27th, ALL patrons will get special access to the Monday Fitness Livestream class via Zoom!  I will still be broadcasting the class via YouTube, and archiving it there to keep it accessible for free; but, I wanted to add a special layer for TG/ENBY patrons. 

 Each week the Zoom link and password will be posted in the patron only feed.  Join with, or without, your video on, give direct feedback in real time, ask your instructor questions via audio, and get feedback on your form.  It's the closest we can get to an IRL experience in today's world.

I will be reserving five, free, non-patron slots per week, so if you or someone you know without access to expendable wealth would benefit from this kind of access to the class, please reach out so that the link can be shared.  I am looking forward to bringing more patron only content via Zoom, so stay tuned! Visit to join at any level.

Thank you for your support, in whatever form!




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